Huawei Pursuing Collaboration for the Growth of ICT in Africa

Huawei Pursuing Collaboration for the Growth of ICT in Africa

Undoubtedly, technological advances drove the first three industrial revolutions: steam power, electricity, and, information and communications technologies (ICT). Undeniably also, having gone full circle, technological changes today are reshaping our industries and are leading a new industrial revolution.

With around 50% of Huawei’s global staff in Research and development (R&D), innovation in products and solutions is at the heart of Huawei’s business. Advances in new technologies such as the Cloud Computing, Big Data and Internet of Things will certainly bring tremendous changes and innovation to many industries and sectors.

All companies will need to work together to build a modern industrial sector, given that it is almost impossible for a single company to build all these systems alone. It is this regard that Huawei works with ICT innovators, system integrators (SIs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and independent hardware vendors (IHVs) to develop solutions for different industry customers. Working together with partners and upcoming innovators, Huawei aims to build joint innovation ecosystems, drive industry transformation, enable the new industrial revolution, and achieve shared business success.

Huawei has consequently dedicated its resources towards fostering a more definitive supportive environment for innovation in Africa with a focus on helping Africa go digital in the new ICT era and take on the challenges of the intelligent world. This is done through partnerships and collaborations aimed at building a flourishing ecosystem in the region and drive growth through innovation.

The success of the company in Africa over the last 20 years is credited to the development of products and solutions specifically tailored for the African markets, be it in smartphones with multiple sim cards or long battery life, low-cost energy efficient mobile networks powered by renewable energy, mobile money software solutions, or Huawei Cloud being hosted in Africa.

Ultimately, Huawei is convinced that its biggest contribution is in providing ICT infrastructure and skills training as a foundation for Africans to develop innovations and innovative economies. This in turn enables innovative forms of delivering critical public services, trade and much more which transforms lives.

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