ATU Africa Innovation Challenge 2023 – Applications

For the purposes of the ATU Africa Innovation Challenge 2023, a practice refers to a well organised and resourced ecosystem that allows young individuals to develop, implement, and scale their telecommunications/ICTs-based innovative ideas, products, and services effectively. The ecosystem must be established, institutionalised and ongoing, and should involve strategies, policies, and conditions that directly support and encourage the growth and success of young people's innovative endeavours in the field of telecommunications/ICTs.

In this section, we will outline and elaborate on the profiles of two beneficiaries who have directly benefited from the practice. These individuals have successfully achieved innovative outcomes that align with the overarching goals of the practice, and their achievements can be directly attributed to the positive impact of the practice itself.

3a) First Beneficiary

3b) Second Beneficiary

The winner of the 2023 edition of the ATU Africa Innovation Challenge will receive USD 20,000 worth of direct injection into the practice. Draft a comprehensive budget showing exactly how these funds will be absorbed by the practice.

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